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Interviewing Skills: Tell Me about yourself

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The most common question asked on an interview is the least prepared.  We each have an opportunity by embracing this question by understanding the authenticity of the origin of this famed question.

“Tell me about yourself.” 

We knew it was coming, as we reflect for the 1 second pause, before we feel utterly pressured to answer the question.  We tend to freeze right, and forget why we are even there, as thoughts race to your hobbies, your job, and staying focused on trying to get hired in the first place.  

Why do we panic when we here this question? One is not prepared, and two we are unsure how to properly answer the question. We rephrase in our minds, what is the interviewer really trying to ask? What are they looking for? 

The underlying basis for this question is the interviewer is getting a sense of how you are presenting yourself.  They want to hear your speech, see how you react to this broad question, and how you formulate a concise response that will gain their interest.


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