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Art Exhibits Titles and Copy for Brochures

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  • Frostbitten, Art Exhibit January 2020.  Winter Inspired Art.  Come out the cold, and enjoy a warm evening of Winter Art.
  • A Place in Time, Photography Art Exhibit, April 2020.
  • Community Paint Night, flyer and poster. 
  • Thoughts in Color, Abstract Art Exhibit, July 2019.
  • Season's Palette, Pointillism & Impressionist Art Exhibit, October 2019.
  • Art Deco, Art Exhibit, February 2018.  Art Deco/Food Art.  The food we eat is represented tastefully through our interpretation of modern Art Deco. 
  • Bits, Bytes, and Art, Art Exhibit, August 2018.  Come download a great night of technology and art.  Where a mouse, a keyboard, and gadgets create amazing hard drives of memory.
  • Acceptance, Unity through Art, Art Exhibit November 2018.
  • Valentine's Day cards.
  • YouTube channel banner, Why should you get Procreate?

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